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We specialize in:

  • New Construction

Lions Steel LLC provides local businesses with the quality commercial construction they deserve. From fabricating metal buildings, to providing concrete work, our full-service new construction team will build the ideal structure for any of your business needs.

Fully licensed, insured, and bonded our crew of seasoned professionals bring years of experience and skill to the table, and are able to work as a solo team or with trusted subcontractors to accomplish everything you want out of your new building.

What sets us apart from other construction companies, is our real passion for the work we do. Swinging a hammer isn’t just our day job, we believe that dedication is the key to building quality structures, and our clients agree!

Metal Building

Whether you’re looking to implement steel framing as a base to other materials on your commercial building, or you’d like to construct your entire building from metal, Lions Steel LLC is here to help.

Metal buildings are strong, long-lasting, and attractive, too. Buildings constructed from steel are constructed faster, and are more affordable.

This innovative and eco-friendly option often uses pieces constructed within a factory, making quality a guarantee. And due to the low energy cost and long lifespan of steel, metal buildings count as a sustainable structure.

As general contractors, we recommend steel and other metals as building components for a number of reasons. To find out more, just give us a call!

Concrete Work

Like metal, concrete is a sustainable and eco-friendly, and can be used for a wide range of purposes. The things that can be done with concrete has expanded over the years, and at Lions Steel LLC, we love learning more about concrete design and everything we can do for our clients with this inspiring material!

Affordable, low-maintenance, resistant to fire, and long-lasting, when you use concrete as a part of your commercial construction you’ll be making a lasting investment that you can enjoy for many years.

With the invention of stamped and stained concrete, general contractors and their clients no longer have to look at this as a basic slab material. Concrete can be stamped and stained to look like natural stone such as marble, or stained and polished with inlaid patterns to create something truly unique to your business.

Local Contractors You Can Count On

Lions Steel LLC prides itself in being the local contractors our commercial clients can count on. Our team of licensed metal and concrete contractors work with a wide range of materials to construct impressive commercial buildings that our clients, their clients, and employees enjoy working in.

We put the same level of care into constructing simple metal garages as we do with complicated agricultural buildings, prefab metal buildings, and large-scale commercial retail and industrial spaces.

When you’re looking for a building construction company that really goes the extra mile for their clients, you can count on Lions Steel LLC to deliver every time. Give us a call today to get started!